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Reasons to join ScreenCore

Global brand exposure

With RTB auctions, you can target your audience globally on all screens and mediums. Raise brand awareness while connecting to premium direct supply with proven high-quality inventory.

Exceptional viewability

In our marketplace, ads are never displayed next to inappropriate content. Additionally, all traffic is clean, healthy, and bot-free, which translates into ~90% ad viewability.

No ad blocking

Unlike in browsers, there is no ad blocking in apps or on CTV. Because of this, the ads are seen by people more often and advertisers don’t waste their budgets on invalid impressions.

Constant optimization

AI and ML algorithms analyze bidding activities, inventory performance, and other parameters on the go in order to determine the most optimal paths for reaching peak performance.

Cookieless targeting

With SKAdNetwork & 100% global privacy regulations compliance our marketplace is fully prepared for privacy-friendly, yet efficient cookieless ad serving.

Comprehensive reporting

Generate comprehensive reports in real-time across selected metrics you need. Fetch actionable insights easily to understand what works best for you.

IAB Standard ad sizes

Our platform is suited to support ad sizes that are best fitted for the selected environment. Choose among IAB standard and custom formats to run impactful ad campaigns.

Omnichannel branding campaigns

Imagine precise targeting, broad reach, and coherent campaign experience across channels - this all becomes possible with CPM branding campaigns on ScreenCore.