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ScreenCore is a marketplace fueled by immersive
visual formats

That resonate with audiences and
convert into outstanding campaign outcomes & monetization yields.



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Technology that
drives performance with visual experiences

ScreenCore marketplace joins global media buyers and media sellers within an exclusive advantageous programmatic advertising ecosystem powered by high-quality inventory, a brand-safe environment, and a highly-impactful visual advertising experience.

Why ScreenCore

Interactive formats

Eye-catching memorable video and CTV formats effectively grasp users’ attention, enchant them and encourage them to take action.

Smart optimization

AI and ML algorithms analyze tendencies and adjust media trading accordingly to improve campaign results and increase inventory value.


ScreenCore ensures a brand-safe environment - all traffic is constantly verified to safeguard the brand’s image and protect advertising budgets from fraud.

Premium inventory & demand

ScreenCore accumulates direct premium supply and demand by partnering with reputable publishers and advertisers globally.

Global reach

In the RTB marketplace, media buyers easily find their targeted audiences and media sellers connect to demand that guarantees the best inventory price.

Privacy-friendly ecosystem

With SKAdNetwork & 100% global privacy regulations compliance our marketplace is adapted to seamless and legitimate ad serving.

Customer care

We are dedicated to our partners, and that’s why we help you and provide continuous support with every aspect of advertising or monetization.

Our solutions

Become a part of our favorable open programmatic marketplace that serves the needs of the most successful publishers and advertisers worldwide.

For Advertisers

Make a difference with captivating,
relevant highly relatable visual ad campaigns
that increase brand awareness and incentive users to take action.

For Publishers

Monetize inventory with highly targeted
relevant ads in the broadest environment
full of bidders that are ready to offer the
best price for your placements.